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Floor Tiles

Tiles offer a stylish, durable and easy to clean option for your floor spaces!


We have options to suit all tastes, with Victorian Floor tiles for traditional look, wood effect porcelain for a warm homely feel, or faux stones and concretes for a cool, trendy vibe.

Wall Tiles

When it comes to wall tiles, there are endless possibilities to suit all styles and tastes.


With wall tiles, you can add character or a splash of colour throughout your home. Pick out an eye-catching pattern or keep it simple with contemporary neutrals.

Mosaic & Glass Tiles

Mosaics and glass have been used to decorate homes and buildings for thousands of years. As well as adding interest and colour to a space, they can be incredibly practical.


Used on both curved and flat surfaces, as a feature or an accent… mosaics and glass tiles are the perfect way to add a decorative flare to your home.

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